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Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Brian Cox.

On Wednesday, the 2nd of December the Daily Frolotics show trotted out this Scottish Labour Luvvie to do a 10 minutes or so chip on the shoulder tirade against what he called returning to the bad old days of Toffs running the Country. Now let's put aside the utter ruination wrought by his Scottish ignoramus of an excuse for a government and consider Jimmy Nosepicker's unpleasant and nasty, drug fuelled PMQs class war tirade. I rather suspect that this puff piece today was engineered by Downing street and both instances were manufactured to coincide into a pure Labour political broadcast. Very nasty indeed and if the limps and wimps of The Tory Party fail to pursue this then they don't deserve to be in opposition let alone power.
We seem to be drifting into a media luv in with Brown once more and his and Labours' wars, economic ruin and climate change cons, let alone the body bags, are being spun into the ether. Well I hope they enjoy this subterfuge for one of these days The Taliban will score a mega hit and Obama's "strategy", embraced as a life-jacket by Snotty, will be seen for the stupidity it is. As for the financial cost, that is exactly the goal sought by The 9/11 attacks. Think about it.


  1. And Obarmy has the nerve to go and pick up a Nobel Peace Prize, OR, they should refuse to give it to him - but they won't!

  2. Brown's performance at PMQs had Alistair Campbell's handwriting all over it.

    Brown couldn't make a witty remark of his own - too anal, too thick.

    It sickens me to see Brown and all the other well-fed cunts in Westminster pissing themselves with laughter at their infantile remarks during PMQs, while our service personnel are fighting an unwinnable "war".

    Nuke the Afghan/Paki border - there's fuck all there, except rocks and suicide bombers - then call it a day.

  3. Well, Killemall, I'm not any kind of expert on tactical nuclear weapons: is there something a little on the surgical side that could take out a single postcode, like SW1A 0AA, for example?

    That would solve the problem and no-one would complain very much, I think.

  4. "Tory Toffs" - that's rich, coming from "LABOUR LOUTS"....

  5. Edgar!!!!

    Shhhh. You'll have the bastards knocking on our doors!