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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Bullets for The Taliban?

How Labour Succeed?

"Ministers were last night accused of drumming up trade for a multi-million-pound company owned by one of Labour's biggest donors. Caparo, the engineering firm founded by Lord Paul, the Labour peer who has non-domicile tax status, was invited on a UK delegation to Saudi Arabia headed by the trade minister Lord Davies of Abersoch earlier this month."

Now what's the betting this company has links to Afghanistan?


  1. This looks like one of the many frantic deals being done over the next three months which we will know little about and may be covered by super-injunctions.

  2. Catching up after a busy weekend - your blog on climate 'change' Friday 18th where the comment by 'microwave dave' contains a reference to a US gov paper is now unobtainable via copy and view (at least by my amateur computer 'skills') - I hope he took note of the content before its apparent redaction?

  3. I'l chase that up, Clarinda, thank you.