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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

You Think It's Not Going To Be Soon?

Guess How Much This Will Cost YOU!

There will be platitudes, gigantic EUSSR funded spin, coercion, bribes, peerages and so forth. Whatever, you and I will be very much the poorer. In the meantime those smaller states, presently newly joined, together with Turkey, Uncle Tom Cobbler and all, will get very rich. By the way, guess where the Turks will choose to be settled? North West Provinces no doubt!
It will all make the billions going to what are now European Provincial Banks look very tame. Remember the ERM £12 billion. Pocket money these days. Not ours of course.


  1. Yep that's the next step and Schengen next so the EU know where to dump all their unwanted immigrants.. and they'll queue to get their passports scanned and their social housing, benefit, free NHS and free education for all the family.

    The UK will end up an island dumping ground (I'm guessing that's the plan) perhaps eventually even a penal colony... let's be realistic, it's a logical step for a superpower.

  2. Just as I see it Sue but few seem to care!