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Friday, 27 November 2009

YOU Are Ordered To Cut YOUR Lifestyle.

Not Us In Copenhagen, Though!

Over 60 heads of state and hangars on to gather in Copenhagen for a climate (tax the little people) summit. Carbon footprint immeasurable!

Globalisation, what a curse.


  1. OR, their hypocrisy is absolutely staggering and their behaviour and attitudes demonstrate perfectly the gap between rich and poor. They are insulated from the worst excesses of green taxes which they impose on us whilst those at the other end of the scale, eg some pensioners, have to eke out the pennies.

  2. Staggering indeed, GV. This Country dragged itself out of poverty collectively. Good triumphed over evil, (mainly led by social upward mobility) and life improved for millions. It was certainly nowt to do with any new world bloody order.