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Thursday, 5 November 2009


Blair And Brown Do, Indeed, Have Blood On Their Hands.

A Soldier's Question.

We know at home we are quite truly known,
As those who can and do obey, for that is what we do.
Also at home are they who send us here and they who know we must obey.
For we are their protectors and their way must so be ours.
For we obey.

So in the searing heat of all around,
The sound of guns and moans of pain,
The further endless cries "This is the way"
By ugly sirens asking of us all,
Nought but that we must obey.

I ask you politician,Sir, is in your soul,
A thought as ugly as this war?
For when we do just as you say, and fight because we must obey,
You do not seem to have the pain,
Nor lose the friend that we must, in vain,
Attempt to save from your mistakes and egos train.

This dark place of home grown fate is not our dwelling place.
That lies far beyond this land of ancient ways and awful strife.
We do our best in sand and searing heat,
For all the things our masters say,
So, as our limbs and lives are blown away,
All that is left is that we must obey.

One question left for us to ask, from all this clever, fatal grey,
Of spin and secrets no one may yet gainsay,
To whom do you, flawed leaders, answer to?
To whom is it you ought or should obey?
We doubt your debt is n'ere as bloody as the one that we must pay.


  1. I may pinch this for a post on Sunday if you don't mind OR.

  2. As yet, I doubt there is any poetry in Mr Brown's heart to ponder the last three lines of the last verse in particular. Does he really believe he has a "moral compass" which is infallible? Perhaps he is a man submerged in denial. His words of 'crocodile caring' remain resolutely unconvincing.

  3. Subrosa, of course. Clarinda, I totally agree.

  4. OR, a poignant post and very apt. Squaddies are asking questions and voting with their feet. Another hidden Labour bit of spin covering up. I would ask you to consider leaving this post up front until after Sunday's remembrance services.

  5. How true and how sad. I would love to put the politicians in uniform and send them out there and put them in the front line.

    Does anyone know if any politicians sons or daughters are in our armed forces?

  6. I left home at 8-ish this morning for a three-mile walk to the hospital with Lady Killem. Must exercise, and all that.

    We walked among students scurrying to one of Blair's new "universities" and counted the number of people under 30 who were wearing a poppy. Out of about 60 in this age group, we counted five who were wearing a poppy.

    My little exercise in observation has left me feeling desperately sad....

  7. I now share that, dreadful. You may well find there is some PC school/college edict involved there, KEALGSEO.
    FC, I thank you for your suggestion and will give it some thought. If anyone else feels the same, please let me know.

  8. 'I would ask you to consider leaving this post up front until after Sunday's remembrance services'.


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I wonder why that comment was deleted? I shall leave the post in situ and thank you.

  11. "To whom is it you ought or should obey?
    We doubt your debt is n'ere as bloody as the one that we must pay."

    You bet it's not. Expenses and luxury paid for by the dead and their living relatives.

  12. Is not the British Army composed of volunteers every man jack of them?

  13. Anonymouse, a ridiculous point. They don't volunteer which stupid war Labour choose to place them in.

  14. Indeed the British army is made up completely of volunteers anonymous.

    Maybe it would focus more of the public's attention if it was not.

    As for youngsters not wearing a poppy this week, really I don't care. That doesn't mean the non-wearers haven't purchased a poppy in order to help our veterans.

    I never wear my poppy until Remembrance Sunday unless I'm attending a service during the week. That's the day I never go without it.

    That doesn't mean I don't think of the fallen and injured often. I possible think of them too much.

  15. Me too, Subrosa. I don't, however, feel you can think of them too much.