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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Why Does No One Ask?

Where has All The Money Gone?

Not on this idiot's haircut, that's for sure.

Wars for one. Obama told today further troop deployments will finish the job of bankrupting The USA. The whole purpose behind 9/11, of course.

Then there has been and continues the enormous untold fraud by The Bilderbergers. When that failed they just twisted Governments' arms to replace the funds misappropriated via Corfu and so forth.

Then we have the pension scandal. Jimmy Snot thought his destruction of pension funds and redistribution of middle-class savings was a brilliant masterstroke. Now the Twaddle Brain is having to pump money into Lloyds and elsewhere to prop up said pension deficits.

Everywhere you look, from BA to RBS, The Civil Service through to every last remaining business, the UK cannot fund the future. Well done Jim Lad. You thick piece of socialist excrement. You have destroyed more peoples' lives than you will ever know. Mostly those least able to have coped. What a stupid, stupid man.

So now we will continue to drift aimlessly until early summer, 2010, when this shower of utter incompetence will be swept away, like Cumbria. Whatever takes its place don't expect much improvement, however. We are all EU slaves now.


  1. i 2nd that and the pic makes me want to straight punch dude in the face...and even more so that dam haircut is provoking me...

  2. Something is going to give. Labour needs a crisis before the next election. Having been responsible for untold numbers of illegal immigrants arriving in this country and staying here, Labour is now dissociating itself from the migrants. They are hoping that tensions will rise between immigrants and nationals which will act as a smokescreen, obscuring all the other crap. Watch the despicable bastards step back more and more, while racist groups take advantage of the Government's little window of opportunity.

    Crisis. Can't have an election when there is such turmoil in the country ...

  3. In that case, we'll need a hitman! no-one could say the bastard didn't deserve it and for him to try and stay in Downing Street after the 3rd June deadline is really asking for it!

    Isn't he also the cunt who raided all the money for flood defences and then he gives a fraction of it back in a grand gesture after the damage is done?!