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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Where was Jimmy in 1947?

Not Even A Glimmer In His Cruel Dad's Eye!
Back in 1947, floods happened, people mucked in together and lived with it. Global warming, climate change? Utter rubbish but a cracking taxation vehicle isn't it. Quite a favourite of our Masters in Europe for sure.


  1. Happened in 1953 as well.

    Many were killed in Canvey Island, Essex during a surge in the North Sea which caused catastrophic flooding.

    Let's all be frightened of climate change and pay some more tax, shall we?

    Better still, let's all apologise for it.

    Mea fucking maxima culpa.

  2. Grand photo OR. Difficult to find old ones like that.

    Not only are we paying more tax Killie but we're paying for the so-and-sos to trot round the world hugging each other and saying what a wonderful job they're all doing brainwashing us.

  3. Killemallletgodsortemout said it all: Mea fucking maxima culpa.

  4. No such thing as charity anymore! People used to help each other and were generous when disasters struck. We all know that we're paying for these things anyway, so why pay twice?