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Saturday, 28 November 2009

What's happened?

The Passion Seems To Have Disappeared.

Another weekend of rain and dull monotony of The UK and it's population. Excitement banned, anger stifled and suppressed. Oppression the norm and acceptance of mediocrity the religion. There are the odd notable exceptions such as OH and Obbo but even their ire seems muted and alone. Has Labour done a deal with The Tories to put some somnolent chemical in the water supply?
Just look at the last few days of "news". Bliar and Brown conspired to lie to Parliament and us, to enter a conflict in which we embarrassingly failed but still lost a significant number of our finest young people.
Political correctness carries on in it's suppression of free speech and thought crime is close to being put on statute. Billions of secret pledges of our borrowed money was given to Brown's pals in Lloyds and resulted in it all disappearing. Climate change has been proven a myth and a political scam to raise taxes. Massive junkets continue. Trinidad followed by Copenhagen. Even The Conservative pitiful opposition bangs the empty drum. We must have a deal they say. Yeh, just like the fantastic G20 consensus has made things so much better for the world?
The very people most to blame for our woes carry on regardless of any understanding that the so called " New World Order" is the problem, most definitely not the solution.
My only conclusion is that God, via nature, will see such calamity befall the human race as to rectify the damage in that way. I just wish those to suffer most were the most culpable not the most innocent. I also hope that I will die before the misery to come is revealed in all its glory, except that if the Bilderbergers and their political harem were observed to suffer, I might wish to live to see that!
I may of course be suffering from post illness depression and I do have much to be joyful about personally but I really care to see others less fortunate than I, be happier and better off . Still if bloody Socialism were to get killed off properly next Spring maybe things really could "only get better"!


  1. I think, for various reasons, people are tired OR. Tired of shouting, tired of telling their friends to get their heads out of the sand, tired of other bloggers efforts to close them down. Just tired.

    Anna Racoon is the latest one retiring. Of course OH has the perfect comment on her blog.

  2. Sad, isn't it?

    One does tire of ranting and railing against all the ills that are poured on us like an endless stream of putrid slurry from the bogs of eternal stench that are Westminster and our local town halls.

    There is only so much energy; using some of it to rant is good, too much ranting is indeed depressing.

    I find that clay pigeon shooting is a great way of relaxing, each cartridge is slid into the breech with love and devotion, each clay a politician's head.

    Fuck 'em for the time being, OH. We know they're shite, they know they're shite, and they know that we know that they are shite.

  3. We must, ergo, persevere, as we do!

  4. You're right OR but it's no doubt just a phase - there's only so much one can take when apparently banging your head against a brick wall. Nil desperandum.