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Monday, 23 November 2009

What Is Government For?

Not For Looking After Infrastructure, Obviously.

Floods and storms have been with us forever. So what makes things worse now than before? People, too many people. As money flows down the drain faster than flood waters, I ask, where is the ten year plan Prezza Slob talked about? Where is the infrastructure to support juggernaut traffic on a massive scale? Or the huge increase in cars? These bridges were never designed to carry the traffic and the weight of today's vehicles. Yet for years successive governments have ignored the urgency to "mend the roof" whilst they could. The worst culprits of all have to be the present lot. 12 years of bubble blowing crap to buy votes at the expense of zero proper governance. Give me the money squandered on Iraq and Afghanistan and the dead soldiers they have cost and I would replace ageing bridges and poor roads in five years. Eight years less than since we went into Iraq.
As for The EU, where are they? Rushing to our aid with gigantic projects? Nope, they are busy elsewhere. Stupidly sickening. I'm going back to my sick bed.
I'm not sure if I have swine or man flu!


  1. This is a perfect example of Labour in action, or should that be inaction?

  2. I hope you recover soon, OR, whatever it is. There is nothing in the man-made or in the natural world that can stand strain indefinitely. Just like the bridges and the roads, this crappy way of (not) running a country will have to fail at some stage. God knows what will follow: let's just hope it is not worse!

  3. Just wait. The army will be called to build a bridge. At least their Baillie bridge will be built within months.

    So much so for all the 'experts' eh?

    Get well soon. If you're grunting when Mrs OR tickles you behind your ears, call the doc. :)

  4. Thank you for your kind words, all. Still groggy today but no worse. Looks more like man flu! No squash tomorrow, though. Subrosa, no need for Doc just yet!

  5. I'm pleased to hear it's man flu OR. The thought of anything worse doesn't bear thinking about.

    Now you can still wallow in your sickbed mode but do realise you cannot continue to receive quality administrations from Mrs OR if you stretch it out too long. :)

  6. Man flu, eh? Damned serious, that.

    Irish Whiskey, honey, lemon juice and hot water. About half a pint should do it.

    Meanwhile stay away from the news, the papers and anything remotely connected with McSnot.

    Get well!