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Monday, 9 November 2009

Welcome To The EUSSR, Suckers.

Bloggers Beware!

Unfathomable EU proposals point to a single jurisdiction across Europe.

As people celebrate the fall of The Berlin wall, (since Jimmy Jonah's there it might go back up overnight, only along the UK South coast!) The EUSSR continues to flex it's new found constitutional federal muscles. Any nut still unconcerned about this whole subjugation of peoples, you get what you deserve. At least some of us are aware of the nightmare awaiting our kids and grandkids.

Heil Phony!


  1. Will this waken up those who think the EU is the best thing since sliced bread?

    I doubt it.

  2. Am I missing something? We are celebrating the physical demolition of a wall representing all the elements that the UK, (this unspeakable Labour Government in particular)have been implementing for the last twenty years over here and set to be further superceded and strengthened by the EUSSR? I recall touring the Stasi Museum in old East Berlin and remarking that all we have done is upgrade their technology and impose much more than the Stasi could dream of back here in the UK.

    The irony of removing bricks only to be replaced by the much more sinister and effective paralysing poison of absolute control by totalitarian power seems utterly lost on our electorate.

    Reference - Alan Pearce writing on Our Kingdom website 4:11:09 "Whose side are they on?" - In 2007, 3071 new offences were added to the statute book = 8 new laws per day which has actually increased under Gordon brown. There are 1,043 laws allowing 'officials' to enter our homes, using violenec if required in many cases, of which 430 have been approved by this current Government. Very few have been debated meaning that our laws are being drafted and embedded in statute by Whitehall NOT our MPs. Wasn't Eichmann a bureaucrat?

    Perhaps we remember the chap arrested by armour-wearing
    'police' as a result of committing the heinous crime of leaving his wheelie bin lid ajar? Being found guilty and now sporting a criminal record he cannot take his children to Disney Land.

    A comment following Alan Pearce's article by Mark Loney states that in the last 800 years 26,000 statuary acts have been established - 20,000 of them since 1997.

    We keep saying about our politicians that "They just don't get it" - perhaps it's us who are about to 'get it' in more ways than one?

  3. The Danes have some interesting laws, also the Poles. As for the Italians....... See you in court!

  4. Where and when does the revolution start?

  5. BS,it's started but no one has noticed so far!