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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Stupid Quote Of The Century?

"People are confusing temperature with climate!".

So am I confusing thick with stupid? So climate change and temperature are different are they Madame.? Did you ever go to a school? This silly, silly air-head sat in front of The Nation and came out with something very close to the words above. Would you Adam and Eve it? This was her high brow, self deluded, pompous, wittering reply to the nasty leaks from EA's flagship funded crap of an outfit last week. A major player in The UN scam that is the IPCC.
No wonder the world is in such shit when this is the calibre of elected representatives. She sure is green. Green behind the ears where science and climate is concerned.
Madame, I inform you of a miraculous fact. Indisputable and proven totally. The Sun is hot. Very hot. One day this colossal temperature related matter will consume our own planet. Such is the influence oF temperature on climate. However you believe that we confuse temperature with climate. Thick, thick, thick and so like a Politician.
Copenhagen, another big party for Jimmy to strut his queening little mince about the place.

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  1. The Climate is whatever The Party says it is.

    I'm off to confuse some fruit juice with wine.

  2. Did you see Bianca Jagger on the Daily Politics this week? Another propagandist.

  3. Killer said...

    She's a tad thick...

    Like a whale omelette!

  4. Thank you all. Subrosa, I did see Jagger's old wh*r*, nearly as bright as this greenie. Steel Drum (CS), a nice day for your experiment. Norma, love it! Killer, is she not so politician?!

  5. Here's an amusing quiz (10 minutes worth) - See how many questions you get right:

  6. 10 out of 12. Al Gore as a meeting opportunity (money) and 8 cos' even I thought they could not be so nasty!

  7. My lot are making progress everywhere. See you in Copenhagen!

  8. This is the same eco-fascist cunt who said flying to spain for your holidays is the same as stabbing someone to death.

  9. She really is a weirdo, Folgie. I wonder what her personal CO2 emissions are, to and froing between Capitals.

  10. I'm sure she's planted a few trees to "offset" her emissions.

    Funny how one moment we are told to cut back on CO2, then it's suddenly O.K. so long as you plant a tree. Perhaps they need reminding that trees (and other plant life) NEED CO2....

    P.S. By "plant life" I was not referring to MP's, bankers, carbon traders, etc.