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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Rise in immigrants coming to UK.


Despite the usual spinlies from Labour and Jimmy Nosepicker, (fact, captured live for a world audience) people continue to pour into the Labour votes market.
Now, the more people we have living here, the greater the demand for food, energy, transport, housing. However Labour tell us to reduce emissions by later today, by massive amounts. Now if 500,000 people left our shores annually for 5 years and few, other than actual refugees, entered, job done! Simples.


  1. Thanks, OR, for your ICECAP links.

  2. But that would just move the CO2 emissions elsewhere - WE'RE STILL GONNA DIE!!!! - according to the Beeb.....

  3. mD, it wouldn't. It would return it! My fundemental argument is that human beings have outstripped their desirable numbers to sustain THEMSELVES.
    If The BBC were to disappear that would also be of great help.

  4. Yes, agreed. This whole AGW scam has very effectively covered up the perfectly reasonable arguments that we (as humans) cannot carry on the way we are. So instead of having a reasoned debate on this we will be taxed to death!!

    Ummm - on second thoughts that would solve the problem....

    Agreed re the Beeb, why not Sky as well? They seem to be largely ignoring it, which is odd since FOX News in the US certainly aren't, and are also owned by Murdoch....

  5. If Westminster politicians disappeared in a cloud of their own methane that would help to get the Country back to a normal civilised condition, OR, as well as drastically reducing unwanted emissions!

  6. At last OR someone else who sees the real problem, Population. If mankind learns to control its population to a sustainable level( about a third of what it is now), we will all prosper but if not we are doomed. Unfortunately I haven't a clue how this can be done.

  7. Stilton?, I think nature is already working on it!