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Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Pointlessness Of Today.

Lest We Forget? We have! As Jimmy Declines To Bow To The Fallen.

Benn Senior is quoted as saying, today, in The Sunday Times, "As I get older I begin to see causes not dogma, unite people". Better late than never.
However we are lectured by that sycophant world champion, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, on how "The spin machine is failing to convince The Public we are making our streets safer". By sacrificing service men and women to a fanatical Taliban bent on restoring Afghan Government, far more passionately than we could ever muster? Yet in the newspapers we learn of an illegal immigration policy, covered up by ministers that has nodded into our streets 350,000 non-vetted immigrants. How many battalions are here? How soon before our stretched forces are fighting house to house in London and elsewhere? Oh, I forgot, The EU Police will look after us, won't they?
What a nerve. If this paltry "streets safe" argument held water we would have French, German, Dutch and many other soldiers being slaughtered alongside British and American.
We are there for the money and the power perceived. We cannot afford it, in lives or cash but hey, who gains? The construction industry and arms dealers. It is madness.
Meanwhile, back in The UK Province of Europe the blind, deaf and dumb monkeys of our political bubble dwellers debate the finer points of whose turn to be first at the trough of The EUSSR table. One day this whole mess will be analysed and people shake their heads in wonderment how The Third World War came about under the noses of the elite, whilst all around millions cried ,
You Haven't A Clue And You Will Not Listen!
As Jimmy neglects to honour the dead.


  1. Your UKEUP, has a ring to it, OR. UK EU Province!

  2. Some have forgotten OR. Others cannot. I attended the Rembrance Day service in Glasgow today, as I always do. I saw a lady, perhaps no older than thirty, dressed, very elegantly in black. I saw her two or three times, at different points in George Square as the crowd moved around before and after the ceremony. She was on her own each time.

    Perhaps it was fanciful of me, but I thought her lovely face looked drained, drained by anger.

    And these ponces in our Government ponce around at their 'conferences', sealing deals to secure their great personal wealth in the years to come.

  3. Hi, Jim, I'm just off shortly to our pm service. By "we have" I rather mean the estabishment and their cohorts and spin meisters. Stirrup was a disgrace this morning. A bloody lap dog given the job as long as he toes the line. Thinks all that matters is spin.

  4. You probably know Moridura's blog but his comment today - "Corruption in Afghanistan - and Brown's Folly" - is perceptive in explaining a major underlying deceit in the political attempt to avoid self-incrimination in this futile action.

    I heard the worryingly expressionless Mr Brown this morning refer to our continued action in "Pakistan and Afghanistan" (??) as combating the "Chain of Terror". I presume the "chain" supercedes the 'axis' to indicate how their political miscalculations have links with our immigration policy blunders.

    As if it couldn't get any worse, please take a few minutes to read Professor Marc Herold's article on Global Research - "Media Distortion: Killing innocent Afghan civilians to 'Save our Troops' Eight years of horror".

  5. No Doubt you will be happy to hear William Hague said the Policy on Afghanistan would remain the same.(that is whatever the Americans decide)if they are in Government.

  6. Anonymouse, 17:10. Have a wee glance at "rolling news" to the right. Then you will see I am not happy at all for the UK Province.

  7. Indeed, OR. In this superficial world, the concept of shame, if it appears at all, does so only as an afterthought.

  8. It is - barely - possible to exaggerate the corruption of this New Labour government and the quisling compliance of the Tories under Cameron. Even friends and fellow haters of our federast overlords must disagree sometimes. And you have to say the big truths repeatedly or else give up, so here's mine.
    Pakistan has The Bomb. Taliban can enter Pakistan as often as it likes, briefly, even with our troops and the Americans in Afghanistan.
    If the West leaves Afghanistan to a Taliban-dominated government (which would rapidly become a Taliban-only government: unless you count their Al Qaeda and Pakistani Islamist friends, Talibs don't share power), then they'd be able to move into Pakistan with national resources and drugs money to fund their invasion forces - and I don't think they'd be going in to fetch a curry. One thing that they might do is to subvert and replace the Pakistani government with an Islamist one.
    If our brave troops withdraw we can expect the Pakistani nuclear bomb to be available to the Taliban within years. And then you can kiss London and Washington, Tel Aviv and Paris and Rome goodbye. All it'll take is a few lorries, a few illegal crossings of poorly-policed European and US borders and the biggest, baddest suicide bombers in the world.

    Our troops are, or should be, in Afghanistan to keep it mixed up, disunited, and free of Taliban control - for the sake many, many of lives here in Britain. Labour and the New Creepy Tories are the stopped clocks that are right twice a day on this one issue... but it's a doozy.

  9. I'm far too busy helping hard-working families to deal with the problems that began in America to worry about this nonsense.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back on my rocking horse. I have a country to ruin, I mean run.

  10. North Norwester, excellent argument. However why have a deterrent if it doesn't deter? My solution would be to offer a retalitory promise to all Islamist nations. Your first will be yours and maybe our last!

  11. The deterrent doesn't deter Jihadists because they don't mind dying personally and they don't care about their civilians as all notions of the value of human life have been brainwashed out of them - and they get to go to Paradise. Deterrence worked on the fat old Soviets who liked their privileges and families, but it won't work on these crazies.
    Even if we said that Kabul, Islamabad,Riyadh, and Tehran would get it forty minutes after London buys the farm:
    A) London buys the farm, and
    B) That's no threat to people who literally think: "Kill them all, God will know his own."

    Also, I venture to suggest that we here in Blighty are not so coarsened by the culture wars that we no longer care about killing millions of innocent-ish people. I think that we do.

    Now if we could promote or install an anti-Islamist warlord in Afghanistan, he could do a limited amount of dirty work and the Pakistani barm-pots could settle for facing whatever India has in store for them if they get all rowdy. Not perfect - but a better prospect than the Big One hitting us.
    Pity that that scumbag Brown doesn't realise he's doing part of right thing, but no-one's perfect are they?