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Monday, 30 November 2009

Oh Dear!

Sadly, They Don't Mean This!

"Now the ComRes findings will give the hung parliament industry another boost. Although the Tories are 10 points ahead, they have slipped three points on last month to 37 per cent, while Labour remains unchanged on 27 per cent and the Liberal Democrats are up two points on 20 per cent.Our first-past-the-post system means this result, if repeated at the general election, would leave David Cameron six seats short of an overall majority. The Tories will be hoping that the trend of recent polls does not continue."

A Conservative support of just 37% is nothing short of disastrous. It does, however point to the mood of The Country that inspiration and hope is not obvious in any Party. Mass immigration and attendant Islamification, illegal wars, a bankrupt economy and all around us poverty of spirit as well as of money and security. Yet in all this mayhem not one significant voice shouts loud and clear "We've had enough".
Here's a right wing wish list. An end to immigration except in exceptional circumstances. A strict policy of trade and no more federal ambition with Europe. Isolation from Globalisation and engagement with third world and commonwealth countries first. UK Banks for UK purpose. Schools to have a strict code of discipline with heads all powerful to hand out judgements, including physical punishment where deserved. Marriage to be the only state funded partnership, illegitimate births to be non-state funded and responsibility to be with those responsible for stupid sexual irresponsibility. I had to be.
I could go on. In reality I just wish for those things two world wars were fought over. Freedom with responsibility. Given the over population of the planet, no chance.


  1. I agree with all those things (but you knew that anyway :)

    The trouble with us Oldrightie is that we are (deep down) true Conservatives and Mr Cameron is not.

    It is a shame that one can hardly distinguish between the major parties these days. Perhaps it's because they're all a bunch of greedy, corrupt liars and we need to go back to the basics of electing from within the communities in which we live. Career politicians and rich gits do not have any idea how real people have to live!

  2. I agree with everything you've said, OR, that new portrait of Cameron says a lot about him - it's extremely bland and looks like it was painted with shit! Perhaps the artist was trying to tell him something!!

  3. We are in for a very rough time, OR. We are now relying on the goodwill of 26 other nations, none of which has any historical reason to be grateful to us. There are scores to be settled, lessons to be taught, and humiliations to be heaped on us.

    Dave is just as much to blame as Blair, IMO. Maybe even more so because he could have let us out.

  4. Thank you for those comments. I like Sue's suggestion that all MPs/Reps come from within their own communities. Make Parliament a non-partisan senate of Elders. I'd help out!

  5. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.