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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A Lazy But Important Post.

Climate Change Extract From MY Climate Bible!

Nov 17, 2009“Global Warming” - a Debate at Last
By Christopher Monckton.

Why is true debate about the science behind “global warming” and the extent (if any) of the manmade threat to the planet so very rare? Late in 2006, the Institute for Public Policy Research, a Socialist think-tank in the UK, proposed that the Left should in future merely assert that there was no scientific dissent, the debate was over, and the Earth doomed - unless, of course, the economies of the free West were shut down as completely and as rapidly as possible.
Of all the elaborate lies that feed the climate scare, this was the most successful. Ever since it was first circulated, Leftist academics, scientists, politicians, bureaucrats, and journalists worldwide were relieved that they no longer had to argue against the mounting body of scientific evidence and data pointing to the fact that the influence of greenhouse gases on temperature is far smaller than the UN’s climate panel admits. They simply refused to debate the issue.

Further reading at the web site.

I suggest Iran's nuclear weapons programme is more worrying than "global warming" scaremongering. By the way, how much climate damage do wars cause?


  1. Monckton doing a good job putting his side of this across. He was in the states not so long ago and I did a wee bit about it. I was overcome by all those who firmly believe all the propaganda. :)

  2. All we need now is for the sheeple to listen to what he's telling them, OR, bunch of eejits that they are!

  3. I'm not sure why you think it is a lazy post, OR. But i certainly agree that it is an important one.

    there is no doubt that ALL of science - and that includes astronomy and physics, as well as climatology - suffers from the peer-pressure phenomenon. If you want research grants, you had better be part of the establishment because it is the establishment that awards research grants. In astronomy, it is next to impossible to get telescope time for any project which might cast dooubt on the expanding universe dogma, despite the fact that there iks abundant evidence, gleaned incidentally, to cast just such doubt.

    This is serious, very serious, because science mostly advances by overthrowing old dogma, by proving that what was widely believed is in fact wrong. Therefore, heterodox research should be encouraged. It is not. It is now almost universally denounced and marginalised.

    Climate change is not science. It is specualtion, with some evidence in favour and some against. More and more I see the destruction of real science throughout the world: why can we not afford people to take a non-standard view and see where their arguments take us? that is the ONL:Y way that science can possibly progress.

  4. Hi, all thanks for posting. Edgar, a lot of cut and paste, hence "lazy"!

  5. It doesn't capture headlines but apparently the catastrophic decrease in the world's bee population will get us all before any climate change. Food production for people and animals is dependant on pollination by bees and with their potential obliteration due to various viruses currently only decimating the population - food will become a scarcity and so will we.
    There's not much money to be made out of bee repopulation at the moment compared with the cash-cow that's climate commercialisation.

  6. Clarinda, I have several friends in the "Bee World" and this year has seen a marked recovery. Long may it last.