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Friday, 13 November 2009

Just Let The Killing Carry On...................

Jimmy Jonah? Be Afraid, Very Afraid.

"Gordon Brown told the BBC that UK strategy was "in line" with that of the US, which is considering how many troops to send and he rejected talks with the Taliban, saying this could not be a "Plan B".

1999.........TONY BLAIR had a direct face-to-face meeting with three members of the Provisional IRA's Army Council during last month's peace talks.

The difference is? I was sure somebody claimed Jimmy was an academic. He's certainly a brilliant navel gazer.


  1. In Fort Hood following the massacre some tragic statistics have come to light. The suicide rate is soaring (10 so far this year), divorce rates, drug and alcohol abuse and mental health problems have increased by 73% since 2001. The surrounding civilian area has seen a huge crime-wave perpetrated by off-duty military. A recent article in Global Research referred to the US ignoring such implications due to the social origins of most of their military non-ranking soldiers - Taliban fodder?

  2. By God, OR, I can't help thinking that this country might be a much happier place if we weren't so keen to do things 'in line' with the US, or the EU for that matter. What the hell is the difficulty with a country doing what it considers best, no matter what the strategies are in foreign lands?

  3. Are you my long lost twin brother, Edgar? Clarinda my sould mate?

  4. Careful, OR! go asking questions like that and the State will be demanding DNA samples: any excuse will do.

  5. Now it appears that he wants that corrupt bastard Karzai's corrupt bloody government to negotiate with the Taliban - another U-turn, (the one that Minibrain tried to soften us up for recently - "sometimes it's right to negotiate with terrorists")!
    I wonder what Brown's "plan" will be tomorrow, OR?