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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Is This To Be New New Labour?

Would You Adam And Eve It? No Conflicts Of Interest Then?

The selection of a candidate in a safe Labour seat has been delayed for at least two months amid claims that it is part of an effort to “parachute in” the husband of Harriet Harman, the party’s deputy leader."

"Speaker Bercow's wife Sally was last night selected as one of the three Labour candidates for Westminster council."

This past week or so my faith in politics as a means to change things for the better have nosedived. The hand over to The EUSSR really has blown a hole in what was once considers the sacred creed of democracy. House of ill repute indeed.


  1. Smug fits them all.

  2. House of ill repute, Den of Thieves - call it what we will.

    I think people are just beginning to wake up to this shower of shit.

    Jimmy McSnot's NOW going to sort out the immigrants, having encouraged immigration for the last 12 years (just to rub the right's noses in diversity), and people are outraged.

    Murder as the result of a knife crime NOW going to be punished by 25 years inside, after 12 years of us telling them that their "toughness on the causes of crime" hasn't quite hit the spot.

    Each press release that these twats make just goes to bolster the fact that they have sat on their hands for 12 long years.

    With each press release, thousands more people see NuLayber for the shite that they are.

    Keep going McSnot - with each day you become more laughable as the people wake up from their slumber.

  3. Well, OR, democracy was sold to the European bureaucrats. We are left with the nepotism and corruption.

  4. You know OR, I'm here in my wee bit of Scotland where not much of the scandal in Westminster touches.

    But still my fury and disgust knows no bounds when I read about matters like this.

    Time I campaigned for the honourable to be removed from their names. There's nothing honourable about any of them. None is better than you or me or any of our readers.