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Sunday, 22 November 2009

If Iraq Was Bad, How Bad Is Afghanistan?

This Is What The Incompetence Of Labour Is All About.

"The “appalling” errors that contributed to Britain’s failure in Iraq are disclosed in the most detailed and damning set of leaks to emerge on the conflict."

In a poll out today from last weekend, support for this bunch of war criminals appears, I say, appears, to have increased dramatically. Well I really cannot believe this nation is so stupid as to return the worst Government in the history of The UK. Unelected favoured ones like Fondlebum and Ashton et al swan around, steeped in and glorying in their corrupt and disgraced mantles without a care in the world.

Yes, I know Cameron and The Tories are not a lot better but from the base line of deceit and utter inability from which Labour start, any improvement would be dramatic.

Just take the Iraq leaked documents. If it was this bad for that failed and defeated exercise, what on earth is there to suggest the deaths in Afghanistan are not any more wasted than the fatalities in Iraq. If so many had not died this Fred Karno Government led by Laurel and Hardy would be the funniest comedy of errors in the history of entertainment.

It can be so difficult not to revert to the use of profanity to describe a profane, selfish, power drunk bunch of cretinous idiots. Still, if that's what people want, so be it. I shan't stick around to watch the wasteland's continuous development.


  1. It's all going to come out in the wash soon. Apparently, that's why Blair was so keen to get the Presidential position, it would grant him immunity from being accused of warcrimes!

  2. The polls are up and down like a infomatics doctor's underwear, so I wouldn't worry too much!

    The real issue with the leaks is the fact that they will keep pressure on Chilcot to deliver the goods or be accused of a whitewash...he'll be writing his report under a Tory government.

    There needs to be an Afghanistan Inquiry as well.

  3. Two comments cheered me up no end!