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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

EU Celebrations At Your Expense.

What The Future Holds?

"The further backward you look, the further forward you can see", Winston Churchill.

Will this be the fate of future EU dissidents?

EU laws have prevented the British Government from compelling foreign lorries to fit mirrors which would radically cut road accidents in the UK.

EU law has direct effect within the legal systems of its Member States, and overrides national law in many areas, especially in areas covered by the single market.

A report by the TaxPayers' Alliance published today reveals a 9,415 net gain of EU laws since 1998, with almost half the new laws coming between 2006 and 2007.
In 2007 alone, 3,010 EU laws became UK law.

Decisions made at a European level have by far the greatest influence on what local authorities do with waste. For example, scores of incinerators were closed down at the end of 1996 due to the European Incineration Directive (law) introducing controls on pollution from incineration. The targets in the 1999 Landfill Directive for diverting biodegradable municipal waste away from landfill are now biting on local authorities through the Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme.

The above are just a taster of laws soon to be rushing towards us like a tsunami created to wash away freedoms and liberties fought over for centuries. If you feel a dismissive shrug of the shoulders is the fashionable response, consider the following.

The European elite will set up schools just for their own. They will take the best of each State's resources to place in these establishments. They will follow the destruction of our farming and fishing with the same dictatorial manner to the annihilation of freedom . Grace and favour will follow the Labour model. Compliant Europeans will be placed in all the top State jobs. Your local Governor will be a High representative from Turkey, Albania, Roumania or France. That is if sufficient UK turncoats are not available. National symbols will become outlawed, jingoism ratified as a hate crime. On and on it will go until one day a Russian style revolution across the 50 states, then in being, will happen. Turks will start, Germans will finish. All the rest of those once proud Countries of Western Europe will be long forgotten. I, thankfully will be dead. The EUSSR, you are welcome to it. My Grandchildren are in Australia.

Stop Press!!!!!!!!

The British Government is to seek early entry into the euro, now that Lisbon is ratified. Documents are circulating to the effect that the reduction of UK large banks will help the process.

Could this be true. You bet it could!


  1. Isn't it the case that politicians and despots never create happiness or joy. I wonder why that is? It being so, your imagery is not that far out, with regard to human nature.

  2. It might turn out to be Eurabia rather than the EUSSR. Mohammed is now the most common name for baby boys born in London, the West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, and the North West. London is not the first European capital to see Mohammed become the number one name for baby boys. In Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Oslo the name has already gained the top slot.

  3. I'm genuinely coming to the conclusion that Cameron's a robot, created out of Tory central office when New Labour were at their height, and unable to come out with anything other than Blair's broken promises and lies.

    Whats the point of the Tories these days, if they're just gonna follow old one eyes deceptions to the very letter of the law?

  4. I wonder if other member states (I really mean the general population here)of the EU keep as rigidly to these directives, laws and regulations as we in Britain are compelled by our very own hordes of self-important panjandrums - thus we are rightly more alarmed by the EU's current and future invasion of our daily living than others?

    I know from the world of medicine that many young European medics work happily and well outside (largely ignoring for professional educational reasons) the EWHDs that are presently suffocating (and probably killing) the competence of the NHS leading hundreds of our medics to leave for Australia, NZ etc - as one of mine will be doing next year.

    Is our British habit of fair-play, centuries of war with jonnie foreigner - which we have a pretty good record of 'winning' - all topped up with thoughtless socialist bureaucracy, PCism and 'elfin safety etc. that make us the best little European lapdog while the others in Europe carry on much as they have always done and t'hell with the consequences? Are others less afraid because they largely ignore the EU AND they can get away with it?

  5. My family name has its origins in Norway. Perhaps it is time to go 'home' again ...

  6. Norway has the balance perfectly. Trade and no political interference. Think I might join you Edgar.

  7. Odddrightie

    Nearly got run off the road a couple of nights ago at 3am in the morning.
    Foreign lorry headlights dazzled me so much had to stop car till I could see properly.
    you take your car across the channel and the police are on the brits straight away.
    meanwhile the UK police blithely ignores old Johnny Foreigner

  8. meanwhile the UK police blithely ignores old Johnny Foreigner

    We are all Europeans now, Anony.

  9. Ah, well.

    I never thought I'd see myself write this, but can we now get rid of the Royal Family?

    Tourist attraction or not, they have proved themselves to be worse than useless over this issue, the thieves and traitors in parliament, NuLaybers deliberate policy to destroy our heritage by forcing mass immigration on us and the fuck up that is the economy.

    The Royal Family? We'd be better off with The Royle Family.

    Nothing personal, Ma'am.

  10. Yirrightoldrighty. The EU is a menace and we will be turned off eventually when we don't agree with them. I don't have any children and we are unlikely to live another 30 years anyway!