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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Deluded has A Great Day.

Or A Rare Experience For Jimmy Gordon Nosepicker.

Jimmy claims credit for the Kelly report, for the excellent training given to the new Taliban, sorry, Afghan, Police Force . (whoops, they shot their instructors after a very in depth weapons courses). That these highly trained police/army officers are now embedded with The Taliban, together with masses of tactical knowledge of UK practices, is welcomed by Snotty as a success.

Now, on top of all this glory his nemesis, one Public schoolboy, Cameron, looks as shifty as Aurthur Daley, as corrupt as Labour Ministers and basically a prat, shows himself no better than Labour. Such joy as his abysmal term in office, the bankruptcy of the old UK, (remember that little country?) and the treacherous betrayal of a nation are all forgotten thanks to the total lack of a plan B by he who would be State Governor.

This blog has made many wrong calls but the big stuff has been OK. Afghanistan was wrong and we should have got out three years ago, The EU is a Soviet model and will use every power to subjugate it's citizens and is doing so. When Cameron was elected I was right to be sceptical. As Labour were sailing to a defeat guided by Cameron's siren leadership, I was very pleased. Then my original doubts blew up and we now have a wreckage of a Country, Soldiers dying en- masse and policies, supported, by The Opposition, crumbling around us without a murmur. Bloody power crazy politicians, to hell with the lot of them.

My recipe, leave Afghanistan and The EU . Let's have a Kingdom of all the talents, with a brand new Party, preferably devoid of Scottish Socialists and English Public Schoolboys. They aren't very good at much, other than bullying, it would seem.

All the same? So it would seem, except, perhaps, the David Davises of this world.


  1. Hear, Hear.

    We need a new political party, one that actually represents US!

  2. I was in the Houses of Parliment on Tuesday, it seems to have the air of a badly failing company. They wouldn't even let me bring in my fireworks.