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Wednesday, 11 November 2009


A Secret Parliamentary Scrutiny Committee Meeting?

"A backbench amendment that would have thrown out the Government's proposals for the replacement of open inquests with secret 'inquiries' was narrowly defeated by 8 votes in the House of Commons yesterday. Under the measures ministers will be able to order that an inquest is replaced with a secret inquiry whenever they consider it necessary."

broth·el (brthl, brôthl)
A house of prostitution.

[Short for brothel-house, from Middle English brothel, prostitute, from brothen, past participle of brethen, to go to ruin, from Old English brothan, to decay.]

[short for brothel-house, from C14 brothel useless person, from Old English brēothan to deteriorate; related to briethel worthless]

40 Moby Thesaurus words for "brothel": Babylon, Gomorrah, Sodom, bagnio, bawdy house, bawdyhouse, bordello, cathouse, clip joint, crib, den, den of iniquity, den of thieves, den of vice, disorderly house, dive, dump, fancy house, fleshpots, gyp joint, harem, hellhole, hole, house of assignation, house of joy, house of prostitution, joint, lair, panel den, panel house, red-light district, seraglio, sink, sink of corruption, sink of iniquity, sporting house, stew, stews, tenderloin, whorehouse.

(n.) A house of lewdness or ill fame.

If you wish to identify a stranger not part of the central "in crowd" of the bordello of Parliament they are virtually all absent from the front benches. There are very few of them. We can no longer count even Frank Field. Kate Hoey might well qualify along with the likes of John Redwood. After that I struggle. However the biggest whore of all is a very difficult call. Have a close look at the definitions and see if you have a candidate for non participant or head "Madame"?


  1. You've got it wrong, OR. Most brothels are a cut above our political establishments.

  2. Ahem OR. Definition of a brothel right under a link to me? Best laugh I've had for ages.

    Oh how I wish I had the ability!

  3. Sorry about that, Subrosa! You do get the point I'm sure.

  4. I notice the bastard with the beard at the end of the row is copping a right eyeful, OR!

  5. It wasn't me, BS. A young Aintworthalot maybe?

  6. I noticed that too Spider. I reckon he's trying to get a squint at her knickers, providing she's wearing any that is!