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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Corpse Of A Once Proud Nation.

Buchenwald, 1945.

This terrible image reflects the weird headlines of today's newspapers. All about the death of our poor soldiers. Betrayal is the big adjective. Well, how many French or German soldiers are being slaughtered? How many French and German businesses and commercial interests are benefiting? A great number of the latter, very few of the former.
Look on, we are the people, led by our donkey leaders, that are carrying this burden for The EU's financial gain. We are a laughing stock. Know what, we bloody well deserve it. We really do.
As for Cameron, I am so tempted to spit.

I railed against stuff like this. I was apolectic at it's apparent nonsense. Now I see wisdom beyond my ken. Read it and shed a tear.


  1. I think you are an honest bugger, OR, I really do. What are you going to do now?

  2. Is it our particular British sense of fairplay and tendancy to maintain regulation re tick-box standards marshalled by hordes of bureaucratic and managerial paper-shufflers etc. that induces much more fear of the EU gum-boot compared to other EU Statelets that ignore much of the EU rules and regulations.

    Some time ago I wrote that the supression by the insidious EU social and legal inflitration of distinct national identities and their established 'sovereign' history and current function was a superficially softer version of the previous leather variety - but I was roundly critised by a fellow commenter. I was, however, trying to indicate the control freak/power behind both and the consequences of not thinking through small beginnings to their logical conclusions.

    It would appear that this indifference to political and not-so political 'redaction' of democratic electorates expectations (if we're ever allowed to re-instate one) is now almost complete. I mentioned in your earlier blog on "What the future holds" that as British citizens we tend to obey through the suffocating hordes of rubber-stamping officials and unlike many others in EU Statelets who appear to ignore many EU rules etc., the British tend to toe the line?
    A Pig in the Poke Revolution by the EU if ever I saw one.

  3. Brilliant analysis, Clarinda and I suspect very accurate. We can only hope that the dozy British will awake. I'm not optimistic.