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Monday, 16 November 2009

A Bloody Milestone.

As Our UGLY, Unelected Prime Mentalist Repeats His Claptrap.

This miserable, clumsy, awkward and totally inept Prime Minister speaks at yet another lavish dinner, begs for a host's largess, with our money, to swank his "world statesman" credentials, whilst preparations are underway for two more mournful, silent cries. Two more dead soldiers are now awaiting to become the blood-soaked, weary 100th cortege through Wootton Bassett.

Now just hear this, we the Public are wrong. Our streets are only safe if we continue to pour lives and money down this bottomless pit.
Well, Mr Brown and Mr Blair, your wealth and fortune is untouched by this war. Ours is not. Nor the dreadful maiming that will live on after your vainglorious war when our defeat is shamefully spread over this province of Europe and the rest of The World. I hope, one day, all our "public" voices screaming at your nakedness will be heard in a prison cell of your minds' future.
To witness your and your predecessors' so called speeches, that so often are lies, subterfuge and spin, makes me fill with vomit.

"To make our streets safe" was an option you and your ilk have squandered with an arrogant welcome to the World's flotsam and jetsam at the expense of us all. I cannot say "shame on you" for your blind delusion is beyond shame. May God save you from the evil you have become.


  1. There isn't anything to add to that, OR.

  2. Bloody well said!

    And you're right OR . . . it really does make you want to throw up.

  3. Have a read of this by Eric Joyce the labour MP. Takes a wee while to load because he's scanned in the whole article.

    He's now saying exactly what we're saying but there's nothing in any of the other papers about it.

  4. Absolutely right - the nail struck firmly on the head.

    Thank you, OR.

  5. I hope you don't mind an opinion on here, OR.

    I know that some people have been critical of politicians not going to Wootton Bassett, but I really hope that they stay away.

    I don't know if you have been there, OR. I have, and I think that EVERY British citizen should go there at some time to mourn the passing of these heroes. The funeral service is for the family, friends and other loved ones, but Wootton Bassett is an opportunity for the British people to show their support for these families who have been robbed of their loved ones in this futile "war on terror".

    I just hope that the politicians don't ever attend; the families of the dead don't need politicians - instead, leave it to the people who live in the real world - people like you, me and the noble inhabitants of this once great nation - to support those who grieve their loss. I know that the families of these fallen service personnel appreciate the fact that so many travel to be there, and obtain great comfort from the presence of the hundreds of people who show their respects, ordinary people who have made an effort to be there.

    It is such a shame that 'Respect' and 'politician' are not words that go together any more.

    I hope they stay away, I really do.

  6. "I hope you don't mind an opinion on here, OR."

    Mind? Mind? Such erudite contributions such as yours, KILLEM, are always welcome. I have not been to Wootton yet but endorse totally your views vis a vis Bilderbergers.

  7. @Killemall

    That is an excellent point, well put.