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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Blair Sworn In.


As his first act of supreme power and Presidential authority, President Anthony Charles Lynton Blair signs the Justice Act of Law and Succession with the newly appointed Governor of a minor state of Europe, The State of Effetes and all Britain Subjugated .

Earlier The Supreme Ruler Of All Europe was sworn in by The Council Of Liars, cheats and crooks. The all powerful European Commission. It is understood this body is soon to be re-named the ruling Junta. Here is a resume of the Presidential Oath.

"I, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, in accepting the ultimate mantle of authority over all The United and Subjugated States of Europe , do solemnly swear to uphold the might and power of the self-interest of The Bankers and Rulers of The Commission and Council of Europe. I further solemnly swear that I will at all times place the interest of the European Junta above all but my own personal superior necessity; that I shall never ever do, say, construct or in any way allow democracy, freedom or population requisite to be superior to the absolute consideration of arms dealers, pillage or any possible threat to the well being, income or need of a new world order.

I shall , for the whole period of my Presidency, never put any claim for fairness, humane governance or impartiality before the overriding necessity to ensure that no corruption, wealth or rape shall, if in the remit of my Government's pleasure, be allowed to impact on the well being of this ruling and supreme Junta.

Further to my payment to The European Soviet Socialist Republic of all outstanding billions sequestered from my former EU Governorship, I solemnly promise that I will order this State to surrender all claim to it's own currency and ensure a significant fine be levied for the years of intransigence of this State to The European Soviet goal.

My final absolute promise is that I shall never knowingly accept any future appointment to The Ruling Junta that does not further the need to have such total control of it's affairs and justice as the new world order and the ultimate world government shall require. Indeed I shall place all military, economic and policing endeavours at the disposal of any person known to be or considered an ally, in the total power of corruption necessary for the dominance of all dissent and pursuit of freedom.

This oath I swear on the banking ledger of The New World Order and in memory of all those financiers and supporters of lucrative conflict, death and cruelty beyond measure, that has brought us chosen few to the altar of Mammon and greed. So help me almighty Rothschild and all bankers, wherever they may be."

In his acceptance speech the new President indicated that the Office Of Vice President would go to his friend, mentor and kingmaker, Lord Of All Fondlebum. As a further act of friendship he indicated that the age of all sexual consent would be lowered to 10 years of age. This initial move is said to be in honour of The Middle Eastern and Islamic support he has received in his campaign for The Presidency.

The Governor of The Northern Provinces of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, is reported as recovering slowly from his nervous breakdown. It is understood that he shared breakfast this morning with a certain dishevelled and shambolic figure ,who only sat across the room picking his nose and furtively grasping a Nokia mobile phone.

This blog is soon to be closed down by order of The EUSSR. Oldrightie is expected to receive one of the first capital offences judgements for treason and incitement against The State. Under The EU Constitution, no right of appeal is permissible. It is understood that the following traitors are sought.

Edgar, Subrosa, Old Holborn, William Hague, Goodnight Vienna, Ollie Cromwell, Paul Staines, Ambush predator, Barking (mad) Spider, Lorenzo, G.O.T, Muffled Sue, Norton Folgate, Pennie (the Rant) Penguin, Obbie and many, many others. It has been revealed that despite weeks of torture and long haul rendition ordered by wily Jack Straw, OR did not reveal any names.

It is said that, after 12 years of Labour Yoke, no pain was more difficult to bear. He is expected to share his final hours with Nigel Farage and Dan Hannan.


  1. Well, it beats the weather this morning!

  2. Excellent and could well be nearer the truth than not.

  3. Well, OR, I've had a pretty good life. Brought up by decent people, reasonably good education, managed to do the work I wanted to do, and I've a family that a lot of men would die for.

    Perhaps, I was lucky to have been born in the generation I was. But that doesn't make me complacent. Exactly the opposite. I see no reason why new generations shouldn't have the advantages I had: I just don't believe that will ever be possible in a continental Superstate. Somehow, most of the time, I can persuade myself that some current, or wave, or something is just goping to ripple through the population. I just hope it happens before it is all too late.