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Monday, 16 November 2009

And This Crowd Run The Nation's Finances?

I Feel Great Joy That This Socialist Bunch Are Bust.

Labour’s cash-strapped party machine is quietly abandoning up to 60 vulnerable seats to divert resources to defend constituencies in its heartlands, according to MPs

This article mentions that Mrs Follett is among the vulnerable seats. This trougher can afford to fight the seat with her own cash, now that would make a change!

Now the small but faithful band of OR followers will have noticed a decline in his fervour for The Lisbon Turncoat Party. He is however, as dedicated to the ire and anger that is created by socialist dogma and it's hypocrisy. So the news that they are poor and penniless in cash and friends is of comfort.

When we take snapshots of present and past deprivation we see one overriding fact. Human beings can only be classed as decent when they care for each other. Socialism, like religion, is more divisive and damaging than any other system. If you doubt that just consider The West's definition of poverty. It does not include starvation. I am a person who sees good in tribal allegiances and a benevolent and deserving "Council of Elders". Note the benevolent. Most political rule is malevolent. It seeks support and votes and power from confrontation and animosity to opponents. The true Conservative beliefs do not. Shame about it's present day "modern" new Labour, left of centre stance. Still infinitely superior to Labour and it's champagne life style on the back of it's supporters. Just look at The Union Barons' lifestyle and remuneration for a definition of hypocrite.

A plague on all their socialist doctrine and dogma that will make destitute all of us!


  1. 'Most political rule is malevolent.'

    Agreed. When a political class forms they prefer each other to the public and protect and favour each other against and over the public, irrespective of their supposed ideological differences.The agree among themselves that the public know little and are to be trusted less. We are all awkward nutjobs to he humoured but strictly kept out of any decision making.

    You just have to look at the ghastly has-beens and never-weres who wind up with fat jobs under govenment patronage, often the patronage of their supposed former opponents.

  2. I too expressed some delight at the news. In fact I celebrated by having a boiled egg for breakfast. That is normally a birthday treat for me.

    Let's pray no big donors arrive to fill their coffers.

    How can they still be solvent with £12m in debt? I can't understand it.

  3. Hi, both. Boiled egg, Subrosa, we had same for lunch! Jim, it's "gummint" as in making a mint for themselves.

  4. Yes, indeed. There is a great deal to be said for a government that has no incentive to corruption and self-aggrandisement. Enlightened patronage, as in the best examples of English feudalism, perhaps, where it is recognised that everyone has a contribution and where there is no confusion between a person's value and his worth.