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Thursday, 1 October 2009

WW2 Never happened!

Get Out Your Franco/German Dictionaries!

It's as though they never left. As Ireland get set to vote tomorrow the French and Germans discuss a two tier Europe. The parallels with The USA Confederacy are chilling. If Lisbon is voted out these pair of conniving despotic bunch of chancers will dictate our future come what may. Since we are so much in debt to them what is there to do? Learn German I suppose.


  1. Is this the EU defence force in action?

  2. Jeez, OR, just a few more months and we'll all be on a diet of pickled fucking cabbage and snails. Pull up the drawbridge, for Chrissake!

  3. So much for an equal Europe! I suppose the one saving grace is they may not want Bliar as President.

    I really hope the Irish vote NO...

  4. Here's hoping the Irish are not going to allow themselves to be coerced, OR.