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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Would It Make Any Difference?

Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown disclosed Saturday that an eye examination showed two tears in the retina of his eye

Maybe the 5th of November is still on? Something's afoot that's for sure!


  1. My conspiracy theory on how things may pan out:

    Gordon out citing health problems. (We think mental, Mandelson insists physical)

    Glowing tributes given by all and sundry.

    James Purnell in under the watchful glare of the Lord puppeteer.

    Purnell marketed as a man of conviction for resigning his Ministerial post.

    Quick honeymoon period.

    An initial rise in the polls for New Labour.

    Early general election.

    A chance to rig the vote, as no-one is sure how Purnell's appointment has really gone down amongst the British public.

    Time for my medication I think!

  2. stinky Purnell ? Nah11 October 2009 at 00:08


    James Purnell as a man of conviction ? I doubt it. Did you see his stinking flat during the expenses debacle ?
    Filthy slum covered in shit and he charged us about £6K to keep it clean. Nah they would have to find someone else as stinky Purnell is a non runner.

  3. I honestly believe this is Brown's exit strategy before he has to debate, (lol), on television with Cameron and Clegg, OR, otherwise he would cling on until the last possible moment, leaving just in time to escape the election.
    It's beginning to look like I may be right - he only agreed to the debate "in principle" knowing full well that it wouldn't be HIM doing the debating, methinks.

  4. Yes definitely something afoot and I expect Gordon is bending over in anticipation.

  5. Hi, Lorenzo and et al. Whatever happens, since he never ever saw anything coming, maybe has has now!