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Thursday, 15 October 2009

What A Difference A Day makes!

The Last 24 Hours.

After days of attempting to sort out computer problems, I have been able to do a bit of a catch up. Things remain ever dreadful as we lurch from one travesty to another. Pick your favourite!

Jimmy has to repay circa £12000 for snot cleaning bills.
The Italians kept peace in their Afghan sector by paying for it in hard cash!

Parliament remains glued in it's own mess as scandal after scandal emerges.

McNulty brags openly of his long summer holiday on The Daily Politics Show.

Tory lead in the polls plummets to 10%.

Jimbo is to sell off the cleaning materials for £16 billion quid.

Goldman Sachs are to pay £15 billion quid of our money in bonuses. Just one more billion than Jimmy is having to get from his fire sale!

Sssshh, The Czech President is still holding out against the threats and bullying from The EU.

The UK debt is likely to pass £200 billion for the year.

Mandy fails to tame the Posties.

Mogadishu offers a glimpse of our future, not The bankers and Politicos though.

That little list is but a fraction of the mayhem around us. The EU dictatorship, The unwinnable, under resourced Afghan mess and many, many other issues. perhaps I need a lie down!


  1. It makes my head spin every morning I wake up and read the online papers Oldrightie..

    I just end up sitting there shaking my head and feeling glad I actually live somewhere pretty sane!

  2. I suppose the 'right thing to do' would be to struggle against all the crap that is destroying the country that I knew. But it seems that the first battle would be against a massive wall of indifference and apathy: how dispiriting is that?

  3. O/T, OR...but....

    I just wanted to warn you about this guy and then you can decide whether you want to follow him or allow him to follow you for yourself.

    This is the video post at GOT's:

    And more importantly, here are the comments:

    There have been some more developments since then and the news is spreading round the blogosphere like wildfire. This guy is a really nasty piece of work.


  4. Thanks, Spidey. The link between Labour and these fanatics is very weird. A disturbing issue and the supression of the white races so scary and this in our own Country.

  5. Don't speak to me about computer problems OR. I've been without my Mac since a week past Wednesday and just got it back this afternoon. What a delight to be able to see a screen reasonably well especially after the week I've had.

    So I understand your frustration. Don't be tempted to buy a Mac though unless you're near a repair shop or it'll be away for just about ever!

  6. Hi, Subrosa. All seems well at last. Good luck for your system. I hope to treat myself to a lap top soon, as a backup. Google chrome seems a good browser, too. Far superior to IE8!