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Friday, 23 October 2009

A week's a long time in politics?

Imagine There's No Heaven.......................
(Music by John Lennon)

1930 The Nazi party gained 18.3% of the vote in the Reichstag elections to become the second largest party.

The Nazi party gained 37.4% of the vote in the Reichstag elections to become the largest party.

I really get scared when that very large diva is mentioned!


  1. Your Diva is about to sing for the EUSSR!

  2. I'm no BNP supporter as you know, OR, but if I were a lefty troll, I'd be getting a bit nervous, what with the BNP on the rise!

  3. 22% of voters would seriously consider voting BNP in a local, general or European election and half of voters think the BNP 'has a point'. McMental will burn down the Reichstag, blame the BNP, declare a state of emergency and cancel the election.

  4. Anon2, scary stuff but a grain of truth. As for the lefties, BS, serves the bu**ers right!

  5. The British wont take much more squeezing....70 million people, electricity shortages, mass unemployment, streets like Johannesburg. The future aint all that bright. Could this translate into votes for the only political party (gang) who seems to be saying what we're all thinking but too afraid to utter?