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Monday, 26 October 2009

This Century's Winston Churchill?

Vaclav Klaus!
Or even Santa
Klaus 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. He's still going to sign though!

  2. You never know. I suppose the Stazi will have promised him that which Bliar sold out for.

  3. He can only stall for so long.

    What we need are politicians with balls. Politicians that will say whether the treaty has been ratified or not, it is against our constitution because we were promised a referendum on it. I did not consent to being part of this totalitarian regime and I guess you didn't too...

    We require an in/out referendum! The three main parties won't give us that because they're chicken shit. They think we can't survive without the EU, but they're wrong!

    Next, we need to sort out the mess our country is in. Not being part of the EU will save us a fortune.

    We pull out of the illegal wars, deport every foreign undesirable (criminals, chancers and illegals).

    Dismantle the nanny state and private police force, get tough on crime, give people back free speech. Abolish political correctness, quangoes and encourage private enterprise.

    Restablish our rights as Freemen of the Land and start again with a bunch of people that want to rebuild the country!

  4. The Czech constitutional court is expected to give a quick decision (an anticipated 'no' to Klaus) and the treaty signed asap after that - they're talking weeks, not months. We can't blame a non-Executive President in a foreign country for the problems building up in our own. Cameron has no choice if he wants to succeed at the GE - he must be stronger.

  5. Both excellent comments. Thank you.I do wish the rest of the UK would wake up, though. This NWO saved the bloody Rothschilds whilst peeing on the rest of us.

  6. Support Vaclav Klaus! Stop the Lisbon Treaty!