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Thursday, 8 October 2009

That Large Lady Still Isn't Singing

Never, Never Surrender!

The Eurosceptic Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, wants a new two-sentence footnote to be added to the EU's Lisbon Treaty before signing it, Sweden says.


  1. The footnote they want is:

    *Nothing herein shall be construed to any meaning which is in opposition to that meaning which had not been construed by reason of its omission. Harry is a kipper.

  2. It's seems to me that Klaus has spotted a golden opportunity to hold the E.U. to ransom over his own signing of the treaty, using the coming election success of the Tories and the scepticism of the British people, to barter for the best possible deal he can manipulate for the CZECHS.

    Remember.....Everybody does well out of this E.U. poison except US!

  3. Let's hope, OR, that it doesn't get thrown out as quickly as the Constitutional Court threw out the "second challenge".

  4. Fingers crossed that he's playing the delay game! The Swede in charge is furious apparently as it could take months to consult all the member states on this.... :)

  5. I suspect The Czechs have a degree of understanding of monolithic dictators as to delay as long as necessary.
    As for The Swedish President, was full ratification to be in exchange for him to tilt at the multi-billion euro job of EU Presidente? Bastards!