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Friday, 9 October 2009

So They March On.

Fighting For His Bloody JOB?

"Mr Mitterrand, 62, the nephew of the late president, François Mitterrand, was thrown on to the defensive after rival MPs homed in on memoirs in which he described his delight in visiting Asian brothels."

Ever since Lord Fondlebum's first legislative success post 1997 of reducing the homosexual age to 16, I have despaired of the manner in which the privileged have been quietly brainwashing us all that sex with children is just one of those little quirks of nature. As their disgraceful and abusive behaviour gets more and more blatant, the suffering and pain, fear and loneliness of MILLIONS of children is trampled all over. From Bangkok via Paris and London, criminals and politicians, bankers and the rich operate cocaine and child trafficking with effortless ease. How on this very earth can that pint sized little shit, Sarkozy and his coke head trophy tart tolerate this evil and wickedness from a Minister of State? Still we do, don't we? The bastard piece of sh*t should be fighting to keep his bollocks.
I lost a daughter to these people and my fury is directed as much to the apathy of the world as to the scum who do these dreadful acts on little children. Most of them unable to handle the control freakery against adults who just might fight back. Yet we continue to accept Asian and Middle Eastern practices for forcing sex on the weakest creatures on the planet in the name of multi-culturism and tolerance. As for human rights legislation, just a typical tool for control of the masses. Same with The global warming crap. Reality just does not come into these peoples' lives. Only their own immorality and greed to satisfy.
Now, about Dunblane..................................


  1. Heartbreaking.

  2. I have seen the link that has been made between Dunblane and Blair's alleged protection of highly-placed paedophiles in the Government. Sad to say, I am inclined to believe the stories: that is how dreadful and corrupt Blair seems to me. I believe him capable of any vile act you could imagine, and some you probably couldn't.

  3. Edgar, the documents for Dunblane have been D listed for 50 years ( it will be less now of course).

    There's a lot about Dunblane that has never reached the MSM, so many are afraid to speak out because certain sections of the community have warned them well.

  4. Dunblane conspiracy