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Friday, 23 October 2009

Seeing Us Through The Depression?

Anybody Know How We Are To Pay For 71 Million People?

Record recession for UK economy.

Dear Labour Party and Your utter crap merchant of an unelected Prime Mentalist,

Every policy of social and economic engineering over the past twelve plus years has been disastrous. Crime now demands machine gun toting police on our streets; we are stuck in a war, history tells us starkly, is a waste of lives and wealth; our schools are a nightmare of gang dominated brutality and bullying; strikes are multiplying yet again at the fag end of your failed experiments; we have no money and are printing, borrowing and nurturing the bankers and Mandy's rich mates, to the detriment of future generations being condemned to a life of work and drudgery and no retirement; our Prescott vain and egotistical transport nirvana is mired in an infra-structure not fit for the 1920s let alone 2000s; Your central supporters sink estates now look like some war torn, bombed out Balkan shadow.
Yet still you left wing ideologists cling to the tatty, woodworm riven log-raft that is failure on a scale never ever known in history. In London, Bradford, Manchester et al, crime and drink sodden streets, begin to spawn those nightmare images, so horribly captured by Hogarth, what is your response?
More of the age old, chip on the shoulder envy and spite so endemic in your ideology and dogma. You whinge about The Tory toffs, you rail about Maggie's time in office and cling to that disgusting self-righteousness, only overtaken by the breathtaking hypocrisy of champagne socialism beloved of Patek Philippe wearing scum, wealthy Ministers and trade union barons.
You let these clowns preside over decay and poverty that at one time was possibly improving. You support terrible loss of freedoms and tolerate the worst Government in our history for what? Look around you, go into the ghettos and sink estates, the dirty and overwhelmed hospitals, the brutalised homes that create baby Ps on an epic scale, born of hopelessness, ignorance and decline of education and moral values.
Labour and your blind acolytes, you are a blight on the history of all mankind, for God's sake



  1. t's gonna be a long few months of scorched earth burning, the bar stewards.

  2. Bet you was cheering for your leader Nick on QTs last night he said all things you agree with and wanted to hear

  3. What a dreadful slur on my good name, dear Anonymoron.