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Sunday, 25 October 2009

A New World President?

Jimmy Trumps Bliar!

You can have The EUSSR, I'm after bigger things, says Jimmy Snot.


  1. Alas, Brown is just a puppet. If the NWO relied on people of his calibre, we would have nothing to worry about.

  2. I've said for years this New World Order isn't a conspiracy. Going to nick this OR of you don't mind.

  3. All true, and since no one can be so incompetent it has to be deliberate.

  4. Edgar, Brown is a puppet and a muppet. So is warmonger liar Blair. Still gives them a cracking lifestyle, though!

    Subrosa, please never worry to use anything I post. Blogging and the internet is our only way to spread the word! GV, I used to laugh at a poster on Guido's place about The NWO. After my research into the "maxim gun" effect and our provisioning The Taliban, I am not laughing anymore.