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Sunday, 11 October 2009

MPs Should Stand Down.

If We Are To Be Ruled From The EUSSR, Why Pay Any Expenses?

Could this be your MP? Would you vote for such an individual?

So if we sack half the fiddlers in Westminster, from both houses, we can save half our net contribution to The EU. Some of that dosh could then be used for British Citizens and our campaign to rid us of Dictators from Europe. Works for me!


  1. Oddrightie

    why dont we just get rid of you and your ilk then we can all live in peace in Europe.

    After all you euroseptics are in the minority now just think soon the Czechs will sign up and then the final nail in the euroseptics coffin will have been driven in.

    bang! bang! bang!

    Then bung the coffin with you in it into an unmarked ditch and build a new autobahn (leading to Berlin) over the top

  2. Indeed, sack the fiddlers, OR!

    Are they going to keep the cellists?

  3. Considering we will be split into 7 districts why should we need any politicians at all except at local level. That would save the country millions!!! Imagine no more MP's and their expenses, no more politicians to represent us internationally. Government buildings can be sold off to private companies which will put even more money into the public purse.

    Each region could be made responsible for its own public services (following EU policies of course, we can't have them thinking for themselves).

    Even the position of PM is untenable!

  4. sue

    you live in Spain so SHUT UP! it is none of your business.

  5. If we sack them all we'd still have to pay their gold-plated pensions. So hang 'em high instead. Oh and flog them first.

  6. gronk, Spain is soon to be a subordinated district of the EU. As for Eurofanatic, sounds very 1939. Then we had The Battle of Britain. If any twit thinks a EUSSR will last more than ten years is a fool. Indeed The Czech President is being co-erced and abused as we blog. Some dream, eh? There will be an underground movement and it will eventually triumph, as will The Taliban.

  7. Did you see George Pitcher in The Telegraph comment today on "How could they treat an old soldier like this?" referring to Ludlow, and in particular the "Wheatsheaf". It is about how a local patient was treated by the NHS.

  8. Can you believe Broon has to pay back £12,000!!