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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Labour Stands For Dishonour.

How In God's Name Do They Stay In Office?

" The Nimrod report is the most devastating attack on the Ministry of Defence and the defence industry in living memory. "

Bliar was PM and Jimmy Snot held the purse strings in his shaking clunk of a fat fingered fist. This report only highlights the evil incompetence and dreadful unsuitability of Socialists and Labour to be in Government. fattening their own wallets is the only thing they understand. Honour, decency and competence are beyond them. Yet still they cling on, still the sheeple just blindly permit their fatal lack of capability top go unpunished. Strikes and the threat of strikes, pointless wars we can never win and the sacrifice of our pitiful economy unable to keep our troops properly equipped and protected. Just stop and imagine the VIP receptions for MoD brass and their political friends in high places at the behest of BAE and international arms dealers. Just imagine how defence procurement rests on the quality of the cordon bleu feasts and the expensive gifts.
I an reminded of Richard Attenborough's "Oh What A lovely War" and my flesh creeps. How they cannot stand up and admit their failings and put us all out of our misery, is beyond me.
Then I have to look at what may follow. If the Oppositions' performance is to be repeated in Government then The EU might as well take over. Just count me out.

This is a long piece, below, to bother with but for me it says a great deal. Particularly the images that are shown in the background. I suggest you give it a go!


  1. A great post OR and the video moving.

  2. It is despairingly dreadful, what this country has endured during the last dozen or so years, but "Then I have to look at what may follow. If the Oppositions' performance is to be repeated in Government then The EU might as well take over. Just count me out" is, OR, just a little too desperate, I think.

    The waste of lives in Iraq was evil but so is the European hegemony that is being assembled without our agreement. Respecting your obviously heartfelt view, OR, I must nevertheless take what is probably the opposite view. I would rather Labour got back in if it meant that we came out of Europe. If it meant that we would not be tempted into international policing that we have no reason to provide, I would put up with the Socialists again.

    Anything is better than being bulldozed into a huge Superstate that can only exist by the destruction of democratic ideals and the obliteration of culture and tradition.

    Now, if Cameron would only stop havering, and would commit to a referendum ...

  3. Many thanks Edgar and I must say I agree with you wholeheartedly. I also suspect that The Tories are a better bet for keeping the EU Superstazi at bay than Labour.
    Many of the images in the film clip show us the result of Superstate behaviour.

  4. Don't tell him Pike.29 October 2009 at 17:08

    Don't forget it was the Tories who started the whole Nimrod update debacle. Portillo ( now a BAE consultant) refused the RAF's request to buy the off the shelf Orion aircraft and wanted to upgrade the 50 year old Comet on cost grounds. Goes without saying that the costs for the upgrade MR4 are now running at £300 million for each aircraft. 5 times initial estimates and way above what the Orion would have cost. An aircraft that would have been available long before the Afghan invasion.
    The Mk3 was also mishandled by the Tories in the early eighties and was eventually scrapped. It was supposed to be able to track targets simultaneously and direct fightes to them but couldn't tell a Ruskie from a lorry on the motorway. And it was fuckin ugly to boot !
    Oh and the Tories are committed to staying in the EU with slight tinkering here and there so don't look for any changes in that department.

  5. Don't tell him Pike. said........

    I will not gainsay your comments. Well researched and accurate. I will say that Tory mistakes are marginally less damaging than Tory. In the overall sceme of life, that is a lot of blue water.

  6. Don't tell him Pike30 October 2009 at 01:48

    I haven't researched anything oldrightie. It's all in my memory as I lived through it.
    I think both parties are as bad as each other.
    The Tories cost lives in The Falkands due to ignoring the Islands and allowing an easy invasion due to no defence apart from 40 marines and an unarmed fisheries vessel. That led to the deaths of 256 UK troops plus about a thousand Argies.
    They didn't believe that Iraq would invade Kuwait and that left thousands dead in GW1. They had the Mk3 Nimrod scandal,the Westland helicopter debacle and the "options for change" debacle which made thousands of trained engineers redundant and so no experienced technicians left to keep the aircraft in the sky. This led to the privatisation of repairs and updates leading ultimately to the Nimrod scandal.
    And of course they had the Lockerbie cover up and the killing of Yvonne fletcher cover up. Meekly allowing her killers to fly home to Libya under diplomatic immunity. WTF ? They shoot one of our officers and they fly home scot free ?
    And while doing all of that they had countless seedy affairs and perjury trials. BSE cover ups. Tainted blood and salmonella cover ups. Selling off of the family silver. Power and gas and water companies. BT etc etc to anyone who wanted them. Leading to our present predicament of relying on foreign powers for our essential services.
    Meanwhile in Scotland they closed down all of the pits and steel works and car plants and used our oil to build the infrastructure in England. Canary Wharf, Millenium dome, channel tunnel, M25 etc. Many of which were blown up by the IRA who they were then forced to negotiate with despite the constant bollox we hear about the UK " never negotiating with terrorists"
    Then there was the erm debacle where Norman Lamont used £12Bn to try and fight the erm to no avail. This led to the second of their recessions with 15% mortgage rates.
    And while all of this was going on the backbenchers were plotting to depose one leader after another. Or shagging the leader as in Edwina Curries case.
    All in all we'll be just as fucked under Tory rule as we surely are under Labour rule.
    Both parties support the EU so the superstate will march on mercilessly. And the Tories were even more determined to avoid Devolution in Scotland so we won't see any help in a referendum for Independence.
    So it will be the same under Tory misrule. Poor strategic defence planning and poor economic planning. With Scotland stuck in it's usual halfway place between freedom and shackles.

  7. Well put but still I argue, The Tories, sadly, are the lesser of two evils.