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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Labour in 1983.

Just As Deluded And Mad Then, As Now!

Foreign Secretary and future Labour Leader? Nothing changes, just the pug ugly faces!

"In international policy, we shall take new initiatives to promote peace and development. We will:
Cancel the Trident programme, refuse to deploy Cruise missiles and begin discussions for the removal of nuclear bases from Britain, which is to be completed within the lifetime of the Labour government. Ban arms sales to repressive regimes. "

"We will also open immediate negotiations with our EEC partners, and introduce the necessary legislation, to prepare for Britain's withdrawal from the EEC, to be completed well within the lifetime of the Labour government. " Now that was a good idea!

"Increased spending will not be enough to ensure sustained economic growth. Spending will not create jobs if it is soaked up by imports." Hmmmm...yes, so why are you doing it now?

"The decay, squalor and level of unemployment in our inner cities are a national disgrace. Labour is determined to reverse their decline. We will provide more resources, more investment and more jobs. We will act to ensure, through the policies set out in this campaign document, that people living in the inner cities have access to decent homes, health and education - and that there is proper accountability for the police." After 12 years in Office this must rank as one of their biggest failures, as they pour millions of third world citizens into already over crowded dumps.

I can say only one thing, whoever you choose to vote for, do not vote for a rag tag and bobtail bunch of morons that are...................



  1. I would not be as polite as you, OR!

  2. Erm, are you saying that Labour makes policy promises that it fails to keep, OR?

    Alas, I wish it was just a question of pointing out what a useless bunch of lying, incompetent, secretive manipulators they are. But since when did accountability or truth matter a damn? All politicla parties rely almost entirely on their belief that the electorate has the attention span of a stoned goldfish and in that they are not mistaken.

  3. Tee hee.. Rio de Janiero, DUH!

    I'm voting UKIP, I've decided I don't Cameron!

  4. The wee laddie appears to be squeezing out the answer from where most of his thinking comes from?

  5. Well said, all. Clarinda, spilt my cofee, I did!

  6. My Mum used to say 'If you have something to say, say it'.

    You shouldn't be so circumloquacious, OR!

    Nice post btw,

  7. Here's hoping that the next election is their last as they are voted into oblivion, OR! (never to return - ever!!)