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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Jimmy Snot Pronounces Again.

Is This A Catastrophe?

Gordon Brown, addressing the Major Economies Forum in London this morning, has urged world leaders to come together to prevent a climate change “catastrophe”.

"US NWS North Platte, Nebraska

Snowfall Records Fall With First Snow Of The Season. A new snowfall record was set for the month of October, when 13.8 inches was observed at the National Weather Service Office at North Platte Regional Airport. The old record occurred way back on October 29th and 30th 1896, when 13.0 inches was observed. Snow depths of over a foot and a half were reported in and around the North Platte area. Snow fell continuously from 8 pm CDT Friday evening until 10 am CDT Saturday morning. An unusually strong Arctic cold front ushered in temperatures from the upper teens to middle 20s by mid evening Friday. As a strong Polar jet stream acted to bring persistent lift to the area Friday night, moderate snow fell continuously across the Nebraska Panhandle into west central and central Nebraska. Because the airmass was unusually cold, this caused the snow to be rather light and fluffy, thus the high snowfall totals. See this report to the southest out of Hastings, NE. Here is a photo from that site."



  1. Isn't there a saying 'they know not what they do'? Shouldn't there also be one 'they know not what they say'?

    In the past few days I saw a graph on a blog which proved we're being sold a porky, rather a large porky too.

    Problem is many are falling for it ...

  2. OR,

    It is we who do not understand. The freak cold weather in the US, the cooling over the past few years, is merely further proof that anthropogenic global warming is pushing the climate to tipping point. I fear that we will have to be under two miles of ice, again, before those climate-change deniers among us will see sense, believe in our leaders, and stop heating the planet up.

  3. "Watts up with that" and all the other real scientists can scream until they're blue in the face.

    Governments have decided "the environment" is a great earner and those that are involved in the great lie would be out of a job otherwise!

    The Righteous and The Fraudulent...