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Thursday, 1 October 2009

It Should Be NO!!!!!!!

Yet That Would Imply Real Democracy.

Vote yes and Say Goodbye To Your Flag and Hello

The most corrupt institution in the history of mankind.


  1. The yes vote boasting seems to have stopped, maybe, just maybe........................

  2. I haven't seen or heard a lot of yes vote boasting either, OR - not in the last couple of weeks since the result of that Gael poll was published in the Irish Sun.

  3. This is, indeed, a historic day, OR. Right now, it is still wide open, and the suspense is going to be hard to bear until tomorrow morning.

    Let's hope, then, for a weekend of rejoicing.

  4. Millions of people in Britain and on the continent are holding their breath today. Those who were given a referendum & voted 'No' and those, like us, who have had no say in this are looking to Ireland and that's no sort of democracy. The EU have already said they'll go ahead regardless and Germany & France have signed a secret (not so secret now) accord for a new axis. We mustn't give up.

  5. If it's a NO, Ireland will surely run out of Guinness for a few days!

  6. Keep fingers crossed (and everything else)...