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Friday, 16 October 2009

It Just Keeps Getting Worse.

Broken Society?

"Britain's violent crime record is worse than any other country in the European union, it has been revealed.

Official crime figures show the UK also has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even - widely considered one of the world's most dangerous countries."

"The attack happened at 10.45pm on the Friday night. Baynham and a 30-year-old male friend got off the number 24 bus on Duncannon Street and walked into Trafalgar Square, which was full of people. The three youths were sitting on a wall outside South Africa House and were reportedly shouting obscenities at other passersby. One of the girls screamed homophobic abuse at the victim and his friend.

Police say that after confronting the youths about their behaviour, Baynham was knocked to the floor by a punch from the boy. One or both of the girls then began kicking him."

An horrific story was reported today of three men convicted of raping a young woman in their family from the age of five years until 22 years old, to be deported after serving their sentence! A new born infant was discovered dead at a "re-cycling" depot. So it goes on. I despair of the namby pamby, liberal, lefty rubbish that has brought us to a state of utter evil and shame. There is no deterrent, kids are allowed to be drugged to the eyeballs to counter lack of parenting and the Global force feeding of rendered animal waste and offal. People continue pouring in unchecked and Islam gets ever more powerful. I really do despair.


  1. Oh for some realism in our politics, OR.

  2. What is happening is worse than random. What I mean is if you just chose 50 people at random and asked them for a policy each, the result would be more coherent and more conducive to public good than what is happening now.

    It's not the 'wisdom of crowds' or any bullshit like that: it is just because the current, and recent, governments are, and have been, so very, very bad.

  3. Britain has been designated the worst place to live in Europe, compared with nine other major countries.

  4. South Africa!!! oddrightie do you actually know anything at all.

    South Africans suffer more than 20,000 murders each year - compared with Britain's 921 in 2007.

    In Britain, an affray is considered a violent crime, while in other countries it will only be logged if a person is physically injured.

    The figures, compiled by the Tories..ha ha ha ha ha

    Oh! they were Sikhs or if you like non whites that better Oddrightie not quite muslims but in your world of hate it will do

  5. What on earth are you on about, Anonymouse? I am just putting up stuff from elsewhere to annoy people like you and the wishy washy left. Works a treat!

  6. Stupid sod, that Anonymouse. Is he the same twat lives in a library? Doesn't do much for his literacy, does it?

  7. fifth column

    Churchill new what do with your types

  8. I agree with Edgar, OR, but I'd even go as far as saying that 50 chimps could do it better. Labour's wanton destruction of the nation continues apace.
    Not long now.......