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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Gordon Plunderer.

So What, There's Nothing You Can Do!

One of the factors behind our economic collapse is and remains Jimmy Snot's destruction of our pensions. It depressed the stock market, hid his useless squandering manner with OTHER peoples' money and all of the negative cause and effect now haunts us. Little old me was forced to surrender circa £100k of my relatively small pot but I am lucky to have clawed a little back. However when I read this morning that M&S have a mega pension deficit, I was appalled. If such a Company is in the Brown poo and like The Royal Mail, has a ball and chain around it's potential to be profitable, what else is there behind the scenes? What have we got to show for these losses and this profligacy? NHS safe in their hands? No money left, millions more people imported to inflate demand, where will it all end. We are not broke, folks we are bloody destitute. Not our Jim, Tone and Pete of course. They did it only after securing their pensions, off-shore blind trusts and expensive life-styles. The best brains in the land are employed, right now, not in getting out of this mess but attempting to hide how bad it is in order to shift the blame, post election. The price of 12 plus years of Labour's stupid incompetence will be years of declining wealth, as we have to wrestle with unimaginable debt interest, retirement on a pittance for generations to come. Still Tone or Banana Kid will be there to gurn over us. How sweet.


  1. You are so right!
    When I recently received a statement from my firm's pension Director, saying that there will be no increase to our pensions this year, I thought it was poor. Little did I realise that just a couple of weeks later, we would receive another letter, saying basically that the pension fund has gone tits up and .....well, anything might happen. This company, when I joined them, was the biggest brewer in the UK! It really is a disaster.

  2. Hi, Dickiebo, BA is very much in trouble as well. This nightmare has a long way to go.