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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Global Warming?

Well, This Is Man made, For Sure!

Oldrightie does not think the Planet will sustain our existence through our stupidity and overcrowding. He does believe the Planet will survive our visit of rape and pillage.
The link is OR's favourite place of all and full of common sense!


  1. I wonder how much CO2 these hand warmers produce?

  2. Oh global warming, I really am not looking forward to it. If the world keeps going forward at this pace we will all be boiling in our own sweat. Especially me, since I'm from Toronto, I naturally don't like warm weather and just hate hot summers. I really do hope they won't get hotter and hotter each year from now on. You should check out my tips on how to keep your home cool. I just loooove being cold :)

    Take care, Elli

  3. 'Our visit' is right OR. We swagger about like the place was invented for us.

    It wasn't.

  4. Hi, Jim, Hi Elli! I see Finland has had heavy snow already. The UK Met office have predicted a mild winter. Their computers are as good as the rest of The UK's public services. So, Elli, it will be keeping warm the problem for our Northern winter! Tax or no tax.

    Elli, you are a very lovely woman!

  5. Too true OR. Now, back off.

    Hello Elli,

    You will let me know if you're planning to visit Scotland won't you? It's always cold here. I like it. I'll be more than happy to show you around. OR is an excellent chap but he lives in the south. Too hot by far down there. You wouldn't like it.

    J x

  6. It looks as if we need to start an Elli fan club, Jim!

  7. Sign me up OR. The lady is a stunner.