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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

General To Mastermind Coup?

Judging By Labours' Reaction, YES!

I have found The BBC and Labours' behaviour and meddling this week despicable. What is refreshing is that more and more voters feel the same. There just might be such a hatred for this Government of zero talent as to make every single utterance they make, derided. Keep it up Jimmy and Mandy, you are making every day a vote Conservative day!


  1. We may well need a coup, OR, because this shameless, clinging, cloying, power-hungry government will only be ousted kicking and screaming!

    Yeltsin had to bring in the army to pepper the Whitehouse in Moscow with tank fire to get the last of the hardline fuckers out!

  2. Well said Spider; I'll cast my overseas ballot for the coming UKLF take-over.

  3. Dunno about a coup but in the meanwhile I'm looking forward to the Civil Service going on strike because A ) it will save us money and
    B ) it will be fun watching plod give the teachers, social workers and assorted nanny statists a good kicking in the streets.

  4. Banned, I think the Civil Service should be re-named the Uncivil Graspers.

  5. Dannatt is a total self serving slag all he wants is a Lordship and he could not care how many Soldiers bodies he steps over to get it.

    A True blue Conservative if he was so concerned about his soldiers safety why did he not resign just imagine the furor that would of caused.

    he may of saved some soldiers lives but then he was more worried over his pension and any titles he might of lost.

    their is a lot of senior soldiers (conservative one as well) saying what a slag he is (only they say it more politely).

  6. Watching Labour's freefall into oblivion becomes better by the day.