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Monday, 19 October 2009

Does Anyone Still believe Anything They Say?

Labour Manifesto, 2005.

‘Our towns and cities are being energised by sports and culture and as they are regenerated the quality of life for all is transformed.’

Labour won an election in 2005 on a manifesto pledge to give the British people a referendum on the treaty, but just two years later has reneged on the deal.

As for the real BIGGY?


Or what about?


What is your favourite Labour pledge bust? Plenty to choose from!


Anonymous said...

Too long a task, OR.

Sue said...

Blimey, how long you got?

Anonymous said...

How about 'A Government of all the Talents'

Anonymous said...

It's the right thing to do and I Gordon am the man to do it!

Quiet_Man said...

"Manifest promises are not subject to legitimate expectations" was my favourite.
Well for a given value of favourite.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

24 hours to save the NHS

Education, education, edu...

Do you know what, OR?

I can't be arsed.

I know they are twats, you know they are twats, everyone except the the likes of the alco anonymong knows that they are twats.

Wasting energy even commenting on NuLabia fuckups is just a waste of my life.......