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Friday, 30 October 2009

Do We Have A Media?

As The Tension Gets Ever More Dangerous.................

The excellent Defense of The Realm blog is the only decent source of information in The UK as to the terrible situation brewing between Pakistan and India and it's direct relevance to the war in Afghanistan. Here we have two nuclear powers at loggerheads and using the various elements of The Taliban peoples and fighters for their own ends.
My understanding is that, notwithstanding the vacuous reasons for our troops dying in this un-winnable and expensive conflict, a major tool for both these States is our presence there. Each gains support in differing ways in the "fight against terrorism". Do our political masters consider that this hidden agenda is important enough to continue funding both Pakistan and India in order to deflect their inherent animosity into going "nuclear"?
Whatever murky diplomacy is afoot, you can be certain that if our incompetence in every area is part of a secretive undercurrent, of the nature touched on, it can be likened to an infant left alone with a box of fireworks and a lighted taper.
Never mind all this global warming nonsense, the threat of a nuclear holocaust is, in my view, more real than at any time in my sixty four years on earth. Yet our glorious media never mention it. Corrie and X factor rule innit!?


  1. In effect there is a civil war in some areas, largely sparked off by western activities in Afghanistan. It was all too predictable.

  2. I'll have to google that blog and try and find it.
    A good blog for Afghanistan is from the reporter michael yon. Stunning photographs and stories.

  3. Yes, it is frightening, OR. Something is definitely shaking out here: an ancient animosity that has already seen much bloodshed over the years and is still not resolved. One of the sideshows to all that would probably be mass rioting and killing between the two nationalities in this country.

    Religion will kill us all.

  4. And we continue to fund both sides. It's enough to make a Saint spit.

  5. Cpl. Fraser, yes, Defense of The Realm is a staunch flag bearer for Michael Yon.
    GV, good old Bilderbergers, eh?
    Edgar, dark days indeed.
    Demetrius, why are our politicians so pig ignorant on these matters?