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Thursday, 22 October 2009

At Every "Climate Change" Jamboree.........

The Platform Backdrop Should Be This Image.

American date line for 21st of October.

All of the trough monkeys living the high life in Copenhagen should be made to wear very long, wooden noses. The only thin wrong with planet earth is too many bloody people, leading in turn, to poverty and pollution. Reduce the excessive demands on he planet by reducing the greediest animal population on earth, job done. So if we have this policy in every nation with targets for population reduction, birth control and migration restrictions, well, rocket science it is not. Not many votes in it either. Sadly this thinking is also embraced by The BNP. Where they talk common sense,( not that often), they make sense.


  1. I see you have watched Lord Moncktons excellent presentation, and downloaded the Slide Show which accompanies it.

  2. Micro, I have a good grounding in climatology and consider that changes and cycles are all ongoing. I do not consider the human race as important as a lot of politicos and wannabee famous people do.
    I certainly resent having guilt and fear dropped in my lap from the day I was born. First Nuclear destruction and now "We are doomed by climate change". We are doomed because we are flawed creatures!

  3. We are also available for lots of fake taxes, OR, in fact, a whole exciting new range of fake taxes in the name of climate change. Only man, and especially politicians, could be so arrogant as to think that we are not only the cause of global warming, (even though the planet's been cooling for 20 years), but that we have the capability through our limited technology of fixing it too!!!