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Thursday, 22 October 2009

And So It Goes On.......................

Whilst The Defence Secretary Sits, Surrounded By His Military Friends.................................

"A British soldier from the Royal Military Police has been killed in southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence has said. The soldier was killed on Thursday morning by an explosion while on foot patrol near to the Gereshk district in Helmand province.

"Theirs is the hollow victory. They are deceived.
But you, my brother and my ghost, if you can go
Knowing that there is no reward, no certain use
In all your sacrifice, then honour is reprieved."

No honour nor the least trace of honour bedecks our Government and those supporting this nightmare.


  1. It does beggar belief, OR, all the BNP fuss whilst this further tragedy goes virtually unnoticed.

  2. Craig Wood, 18, lost both legs and part of his left arm as well as suffering facial injuries in a bomb blast in Afghanistan

  3. It is Labours' policy to make this a forgotten war.

  4. I've been there, Afghanistan.

    It's strange that while one is out in "theatre" everything continues as normal back here.

    There is a feeling of being forgotten by the rest of the nation, other than sporadic contact with family members.

    I won't ever have to go back there, lucky me, but not a day goes by when I don't think of those service personnel who remain there, and of the apology for a Ministry of Defence and government which keeps them there. I loathe that government with every fibre of my being, and I hope this "war" comes back to haunt each and every member of this government till the day they die.

    Utter, utter, spineless bastards of a government.

  5. killemallletgodsortemout, great comment and I so fully agree, as you know, with all you have said. Well done, dear Buddy.