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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

When Is A Hoon Not A Hoon?

When He Can't Tell The Difference Between A Hoon And A Chump!

Here is Fondlebum visiting The Sun Newspaper offices, having learnt what women do in their spare moments of passion! They get very damp around their chumps! What an utter moron and this creature Lords it over us. Is it any wonder we are in such a mess?


  1. The one on the right in that picture is most definitely a Hoon, OR, I'd stake my life on it!

  2. Apropos the watch link over there to the right. I expect he wears it in case he needs a rent boy for the night but finds himself strapped for cash.

  3. Most people who are being photographed 'working' contrive to pretend that the camera is not there. Not Mandelson. Mandelson looks right through the lens, and attempts to peer directly into your soul. He is a creepy, soulless, shell of a human being. It would not surprise me to learn that he was clinically psychopathic. He is one of those people who, in the words of H H Munro, 'would be enormously improved by death'.

  4. chomp bars are tasty1 October 2009 at 11:03

    I think Mandy would prefer chomps to chumps. Just the right size to shove up his boyfriends arse.