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Wednesday, 2 September 2009


So You All Thought The Federal EUSSR Was A Fix, So Is This?

Now I wonder what else Mandleson offered Rothschilds whilst in Corfu? One thing is for sure, our freedom is rapidly disappearing. Who on earth thought this a good idea? In principle, great, in reality a bloody great ball and chain round our necks. Is there no end to what they are willing to sell off?


  1. oddrightie you dont like Gays dont like Jews dont like johnny foreigner.

    what do you like that is apart from funerals?

  2. I think I'd quite enjoy your funeral,Anonymouse Wierdlefty!

  3. Anonymouse, it is you my friend who doesn't like gays or any other faith group. Remember, you're the first one to mention gays.

    It doesn't matter what the post is about, the first thing on your mind is mentioning: "gays".

    I suggest that you try to discuss gays only when the rest of us are discussing them. It makes you look too interested.

  4. Well said OR. I detest the thought of road tolls lining the pockets of the Rothschilds even further. I bet the Road Tax will stay in place as well. Good graphic.

  5. Anonymouse, your ridiculous post has been well responded to but let me mention that it highlights how absolutely uninformed you are as to my self.
    My best pal is married to a delightful, beautiful young lady of Jewish descent. I have an album of pics and good wishes from my ex-collegues, many of them male cabin crew of the pink hue for whom I had great respect as they did for me. I have still a good contact with German friends dating back to 1963. My grandchildren are the offspring of a terrific Indonesian son in law and a lovely pair of nippers now living in Australia. Now, you were saying from behind your dralon sofa.............or was that from your paper bag covered meths bottle?