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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Still It Goes On and On, an update.

Stop It Now!

As two more soldiers lives are gone, briefly mentioned as an add on to "How great our leader's cuts will be better than others' cuts" news propaganda , Aintworthalot still on his OU charm degree course, our troops sacrifices carry on.

The heroism, skill and downright courage of our army gets but a brief passing mention. No strategy, no common sense just death and stupidity, doled out by Government in equal measure. What a bloody mess. Just like everything this sodding excuse for a Prime Minister and his ever shrinking coterie of arse lickers and shirt lifters touch. It seems an interminable 257 days to an election. I pray an even more terrible massacre does not have to happen to bring them down.


I hope this brave father's words haunt the bastards in Downing Street.


  1. Such sadness for all the families and children. What a waste.

  2. Brown is as responsible for these deaths as if he had pulled the trigger.

    And yes, all we can do is wait for the election.

  3. When is a defence minister going to stand in woolton basset and show their respect?

  4. Each news provider fears that day-after-day reporting of the casualties in Afghanistan, as a major feature, will be so depressing for the population that they will look elsewhere for their news. Thus, the low-key approach to that topic.

    The dreadfully sad fact is that they are probably right.

  5. I am not particularly right wing - I just despise the destructive: left, socialism, marxism, political correctness and the liberal elite. Throw in multiculturalism and there you have a full set.

    I really do not like 'liberal Christianity' and all its acolytes.

    Good work OR but check this Blog out!

  6. Thanks as ever, people for popping by with your comments.
    Les, I did as requested. Good stuff and well done. Not for everyone but had you a follower link, I would have signed up!

  7. There is some responsible media out there who do report the blood and guts events in this dreadful war but not enough of them.

    Thanks OR, it's not easy to continue to blog this issue because perhaps it's true people are becoming bored, but we must continue and hard-hitting material like this is what gets the point over.